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Please  supply  the Model number from the bottom of the machine when ordering Cuisinart parts.

  (eg: DLC-7, DLC-7SP, DLC-8F, DLC-10S, RC-1, CFP5, CFP 9 etc.) 

For Cuisinart DLC-7, 7E,7P, 8E, 8P or 10E,  you may need a new Bowl, Cover, Sleeve and Pusher

Include the model number in 'Comments' box at checkoutso we cansupply a  modified bowl to fit old Cuisinart DLC-7, 7E,7P and other old models. 

Each recent Cuisinart food processor part has a number on it -- look for tiny numbers on the old part, 

find the part in the list and then place your order. 

Shipping to USA and Canada is about $7 to $13 depending on weight and destination 

  Cuisinart Part #, Description    

Small Pusher


DLC-020-BTX Sm. Pusher for Cuisinart DLC-7,8 (fits DLC-018BTX Sleeve) Details  

DLC-120-BTX Sm. Pusher for Cuisinart DLC-10 (fits DLC-118BTX Sleeve)


DLC-320-B Sm. Pusher for Cuisinart DLC-X 

Large Pusher Sleeve

B  = Amber

  BG = Grey tint

Use with  Cover below

DLC-018BTX   Large  Sleeve for Cuisinart DLC-7/8 *


DLC-018BGTX  Large Sleeve for Cuisinart DLC-7/8 * Grey


DLC-118BTX     Larger Sleeve for Cuisinart DLC-10 *     


DLC-118BGTX  Large Sleeve  for Cuisinart DLC-10 * Grey

DLC-318B  Lge Pusher Sleeve  for Cuisinart DLC-X /plus Details

*Some older Cuiosinart DLC-7,7E,7P,8,8E,8F,8P models require new Lge Pusher+Sm pusher also.

Cover W/Large Feed Tube

B  = Amber

  BG = Grey 

Use with  Lg. Sleeve 

and small pusher  above

DLC-017BTX   Cover  for Cuisinart DLC-7Ser* Amber 


DLC-017BGTX Cover  for Cuisinart DLC-7Ser* Grey

DLC-877BTX  Cover   for Cuisinart DLC-8 Ser* Amber Details

DLC-877BGTX Cover for Cuisinart  DLC-8 Ser* Grey


DLC-117BTX   Cover  for Cuisinart  DLC-10 * Amber


DLC-117BGTX Cover for Cuisinart  DLC-10 * Grey

DLC-317B  Cover   for Cuisinart  DLC-X /plus   Details  

*Some older Cuiosinart DLC-7,7E,7P,8,8E,8F,8P models require new Lge Pusher+Sm pusher also. 

Work Bowl


B  = Amber

 BG = Grey tint

DLC-005ATX  Bowl  Amber  for Cuisinart DLC-7 Series 


DLC-005AGTX  Bowl  Grey for Cuisinart DLC-7 Series


DLC-865ATX  Cuisinart DLC-8 Series Bowl  Amber 


DLC-865AGTX   Cuisinart DLC-8 Series Bowl  Grey  


FP-631ATX Cuisinart LC-10 Series Bowl Amber 


FP-631AGTX  Cuisinart LC-10 Series Bowl  Grey 

DLC-305-1 Cuisinart DLC-X / plus Bowl Details  

NOTE:   When you order multiple items, we will automatically apply a lower, combined shipping and handling charge.

Detachable Stem

DLC-039TX  Detachable Stem  Cuisinart DLC-7 Ser Details  
DLC-839TX  Detachable Stem   Cuisinart DLC-8 Ser Details  
DLC-339TX  Detachable Stem   Cuisinart DLC-X Ser Details  
DLC-139     Detachable Stem    Cuisinart LC-10 Ser Details  


DLC-001TX  Blade. (Cuisinart DLC-7-Ser.) Details
DLC-861TX  Blade. (Cuisinart DLC-8-Ser.) Details  
DLC-301-B  Blade: (Cuisinart DLC-X-Ser.) Details
FP-100TX    Blade  (Cuisinart DLC-10Ser.)  

Also fits RC-1 CFP-5, 9 

(Please include your Cuisinart Model number on the order)  S&H ~ US$7-$9
DLC-1C Bowl+Lid DLC-195TX Bowl w/ lid for Cuisinart DLC1-C Details  
Note : Will NOT fit older model Cuisinart DLC1A   
DLC-196ATX Blade with Hub Sheath for Cuisinart DLC1-C Click here to order S&H ~ US$7 Order  
(Please include your Cuisinart Model number on the order)   S&H ~ US$7-$9

Carafe DGB/DCC


Cuisinart 10 cup (DGB-300 & DCC) Black   Details  
Cuisinart 10 cup (DGB-300 & DCC) White   Details  
Cuisinart 12 cup (DCC Series) Black Carafe Details  
Cuisinart 12 cup (DCC Series) White Carafe Details  
Cuisinart DCC1200 Carafe Black  Details  
DCC-900 / 1000 Carafe ....White? Black Details  

To place an order, click on Details  ...... S&H ~ US$7-$9

NOTE : US Dollar amounts may vary slightly with Exchange Rate 

Slicing disc

Cuisinart  Shredding, Slicing, Grating, French Fry Discs are available  

PER-12 Clear Knob for  PER-12 S/Steel Percolator Details  
Cuisinart Smart Power Blender parts  for SPB-7, BFP-703, CB-4,5,6,9 


Glass Jar for Cuisinart SPB-7 series  blender, BFP-703 Details  
Blade  for Cuisinart SPB-7, BFP-703, CB-4,5,6,9  Details  
 Cover for Cuisinart SPB-7 blender jar ... black or white  Details  
 Clear fill cap for SPB-7 blender lid Details  
Lock ring for Cuisinart SPB-7 black ? white? Details  
Gasket / Seal SPB-7, BFP-703, CB-4,5,6,9  Details  


S&H ~ US$5.99

Clutch # SPB7-20TX**(China) for SPB-7, BFP-703 & CB-4, 5, 6, 9   Details    


** When ordering the 'Clutch', specify whether your Cuisinart  is made in China or USA

 Please note : Replacing the clutch (drive coupling)  is not a user-friendly task -- you need to remove the brass nut/ bushing, which usually remains attached to the motor shaft,  before you can install it.




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